Christopher Pinckley

Christopher A. Pinckley is the author of the spiritual self-help book Reality Creation 101 rated 5 Stars by Amazon Top 10 Reviewers and hailed by many as The Integral Secret. Christopher’s philosophy and teachings revolve around the belief that life is a game and we’re here to create what we want in joy. As a spiritual life coach he is able to share his teachings with people through his break through program Reality Creation Coaching (RCC), based upon the real life principles in his book. Christopher is entirely self taught having learned most of his life lessons on the streets and through personal self study. In 1999 he became a meditation practitioner and learned a variety of mind/body exercises that began to expand his consciousness and help him to become more self-actualized. His first greatest achievement was his personal training business that became a huge success for him shortly after he learned meditation. Christopher now spends his time coaching clients out of his home in Northern California, working on his fifth and sixth books, and writing articles and blog entries for various online publications and his mind/body science blog Holisticfitness4U.

“This book gives you the tools, knowledge, and awareness to completely revamp your unconscious mind to create the life you really want.”-T. Harv Eker author of the #1 NY Times best seller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

“Maybe the best way to describe this book is that this is the ‘missing manual’ for positive thinking and re-creating a more fulfilled way of life…big thumbs up.”-Joanna Daneman Amazon top 10 Reviewer

“Sometimes in order to create what you want, you have to get rid of what you don’t want. I like this book because it addresses the difficulties that people can face in life. It doesn’t take the reader for granted.”-Dr. Joe Vitale author of the #1 best seller The Attractor Factor



Brad Blanton

Born September 8, 1940, Brad is an author, seminar leader, and 2004 and 2006 candidate for United States House of Representatives. He was trained in Gestalt Therapy by Fritz Perls, M.D., Ph.D., the founder of Gestalt Therapy. He was trained in hypnosis by Milton Erickson, M.D., the founding president of the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis and a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Psychological Association. His first book, Radical Honesty: How To Transform Your Life By Telling The Truth, became a nation-wide bestseller in 1996 and has been translated into nine languages. That success was followed by seven more books that apply the principles of Radical Honesty to personal growth, social transformation and parenting. Dr. Blanton earned his doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin in 1966 when he was 25 years old. He spent 25 years in the private practice of psychotherapy, becoming the Director of The Center for Well Being in Washington, D.C., where he worked with individuals, couples, and groups. He also served as a consultant to corporations, government and the media. In 1990 he moved to central Virginia and founded Radical Honesty Enterprises, a private corporation dedicated to promoting honesty in the world and The Center for Radical Honesty, a non-profit corporation dedicated to the same cause. Politically active from his days in the civil rights movement to the present, Dr. Blanton now lives in Stanley, Virginia, where he spends his time writing, farming, community organizing and conducting seminars.



Ninon de Vere De Rosa, NinonSpeaks Media Image Las Vegas

Specialties: Media Image Coaching | Your Own Internet TV I Producing Internet TV Shows |

What Ninon de Vere De Rosa is offering:

With Media Image Coaching you will work one-on-one with Ninon. She will create your vision and make your image more confident and effective; taking you through the steps to clarify your message and appearance.

How Ninon de Vere De Rosa can help you:

Drawing on a rich tapestry of experience from adventures both in front of and behind the camera, Ninon delivers presentations that will captivate, entertain, and inspire.
With Media Image Coaching you will work one-on with Ninon. She will create your vision and brand and make your image more confident and effective; taking you through the steps to clarify your message and appearance.

The training is carried out through the Internet , by phone or one on with Ninon. Ninon will critique and monitor you, take notes for pointers in order to improve your message and appearance, keep your image flowing with or without a guest, keep your audience’s attention, and attract a larger audience. If your guest would like a separate Media Image Coaching session please get in touch.

Your Media Image is based on who you are and features your presentation in the public eye, TV broadcasting, etc. Your Media Image Coaching package includes the following:

• Review and Recognize the invaluable dedication to your many hidden abilities and values.

• How to overcome self-esteem and peer pressure.

• Review how attitude and perseverance can win.

• How you Dress: When you walk into a room, who do people see?

• How you Look: The eye does not miss a trick; your hair, nails, and feet are all visible.
• Review of your Body Language: Who you are is represented in how you walk, sit and stand. The body tells it all - at all times.

Award-winning television talk show host, executive producer, spokesperson, and Internet personality Ninon de Vere De Rosa presents Media Image Coaching. Originally from England, Ninon is now prominently known throughout the world, and has as a natural affinity for growth and success.

Ninon has over fifteen years of experience in strategic development in communications and consulting, in public, private and NGO sectors with a variety of professionals such as producers, directors, entertainers, investors, real estate owners, business owners, foundations, and entrepreneurs.

She possesses extensive knowledge and experience as Executive Producer and Director of Internet - TV, Television, and Radio Talk shows. Ninon has had the opportunity to interview: famous and infamous, financial executives, real estate brokers, politicians, educational leaders as well as highly admired entertainers.



Christa Avampato, Founder New York

Specialties: yoga, meditation, business strategy, writing

Christa Avampato managed Broadway shows, national tours, and regional productions for 6 years after completing her BA in Economics and History at the University of Pennsylvania. She then became a nonprofit fundraiser before getting her MBA at the University of Virginia. She has spent the last 5 years as a product developer for Fortune 500 companies and now makes her living through her company Chasing Down the Muse where she is a product development consultant, freelance writer on the topics of creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurship, and a yoga and meditation teacher for creative professionals. She lives and works in New York City and believes that her years in theatre gave her the very best education she ever received and meditation played a key role in allowing her creativity to flourish.



Brian T Edmondson New York

After losing his Wall Street job in 2001, Brian Edmondson soon found himself bankrupt at the age of 25. After a lot of trial and error, Brian bounced back from bankruptcy using simple internet strategies. He now supports himself completely with revenue he earns through internet marketing.



Kent Brooks Berkeley

Specialties: Jewelry designing/CAD/CAM

What Kent Brooks is offering:

Information on how to produce fine jewelry

How Kent Brooks can help you:

I am a Goldsmith/silversmith/designer with over 25 years of experience.
I feel the need, now that I'm older to pass on some information that I have in this field. The right tools intro


Yoli Chisholm

Specialties: Start-up consulting,Speaker, Digital marketing, Career growth strategies, Online business model refinement, Website optimization, customer acquisition, business development,online & offline acquisition, partner acquisitionCRM & Digital Marketing • Content

What Yoli Chisholm is offering:

Actionable ideas to improve and accelerate your business growth using digital marketing strategies. Optimizing your career with sound practical strategies to maximize and amplify your strengths.

How Yoli Chisholm can help you:

Marketing Expert. Lead successful marketing initiatives for global organizations focused on driving awareness, acquisition and engagement with expertise in online and offline marketing strategies.

Content Strategist. Developed, managed and executed content strategies for global sites/products/services and marketing channels in both the consumer and enterprise sectors.

Product Development Manager. Lead product management teams to build new products and services from market research through business and technical requirements to launch.

Business Performance Challenger. Critical thinker with an emphasis on process streamlining and performance improvement within startup and established businesses. Strong record of achieving business goals.

Received the Microsoft Gold Award of Excellence in execution for management of MSN entry points.
Developed, managed and executed successful direct marketing initiatives for leading online/offline/Mobile properties Microsoft,, eBay, MSN,, and
Launched new online properties on MSN – Money, Shopping, My Health Info, MSN KidZ, and Healthvault.
Grew the’s Affiliate Program from 1,000 websites to 9,000+ web sites as partner Affiliates.
Built and established key partnerships with the world’s leading airline, retail, telecommunication, record label and hospitality companies MasterCard, Sprint, Verizon, Cingular ATT, Futureshop, American Express, HBC, Amazon, Starbucks, Aeroplan, Esso, La Senza, Dell, American Airlines, Microsoft, Intercontinental Hotels, Sony, EMI, Warner and Universal, amongst others.
Drove over 100% revenue increase and 300% membership growth for


Alfred Reinold Baudisch

Specialties: Web, mobile and game programming and development

What Alfred Reinold Baudisch is offering:

General programming and software engineering consulting

How Alfred Reinold Baudisch can help you:

I provide programming, performance and software engineering advices for the following areas:
- Websites, web systems and e-commerce.
- Mobile applications.
- Mobile games.
- Desktop and web games.

I'm a jack of all trades programmer and I have experience with all kinds of software projects, software frameworks, databases and programming languages, including:
- Websites, e-commerce, iPhone, iPad and Android applications and games, Desktop and mobile games.
- PHP, C++, JavaScript, Lua, Objective-C, C#
- CakePHP, jQuery, Unity, Corona SDK, Mono, MonoTouch, Cocos2D, Qt
- MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Self taught programmer with 13 years of experience. I can be considered a "starter": when I need something or when I see opportunities I learn what is needed and create solutions by myself.



S P Los Angeles

Specialties: NA

What S P is offering:


How S P can help you:





Henrik Vejlgaard New York

Specialties: Look Younger Without Surgery

What Henrik Vejlgaard is offering:

Learn to Radiate Youthfulness Makeovers

How Henrik Vejlgaard can help you:

You may have watched makeover tv-shows or seen makeovers in magazines. Now you can have your own personal makeover consultant guide to look like your self-perceived age.

Your expert makeover consultant is the editor of Look Younger Magazine and the author of the book Look Younger Without Surgery. He will guide you to looking the age you perceive yourself to be.

Are you in your 40s and want to look like you are in your 30s? Or are you in your 60s and want to look like you are in your 40s? Henrik will guide you to looking the age that you feel no matter what age you are.

We start out by finding out what your self-perceved age is. In other words, how young do you feel you are? When we know your self-perceived age we discuss all the options you have with respect to clothing, accessories, hair style, make-up, eyewear etc. that will help you look the age you feel. After that we make a very specific list of suggestions that you can do to look younger, and together we make a plan on how you can to proceed om how to look younger.

Henrik Vejlgaard, M.Sc., M.A., is the founding editor of Look Younger Magazine, an online magazine that gives men and women advice and inspiration on how to look younger. He is the author of Look Younger Without Surgery: Learn to Radiate Youthfulness (Confetti Publishing).

Both the magazine and the book are based on the research and thinking of his three books: Anatomy of a Trend, The Lifestyle Puzzle, and Style Eruptions. The books document how changes in style and taste take place, and how we communicate with the clothes we wear.

He coined the term “age-elasticity” in the late 1990s and became an expert in understanding the new concept of age, i.e., that there is a huge difference between biological age and self-perceived age.



Tor Sirset Orange

Specialties: Helping Managers, Directors and VP's find new jobs.

What Tor Sirset is offering:

Job Transition Support and Career Coaching

How Tor Sirset can help you:

I help Managers, Directors and VP's find jobs. I lost my job last year, utilized a transition services, built a huge headhunter list and mastered LinkedIn. These tricks of the trade helped me get 4 offers in 3 months. If you are in transition and have challenges finding your next job, I can help.

Lets go hunting together!

Cited as a “go getter” marketer and retail development executive Tor Sirset has literally built his entire executive career on that definition. A high energy, creative and goal driven executive, Tor approaches each new business challenge with his flair for innovation, and collaborative problem solving to drive consisten¬t profitable growth. His positive management style has led members of his team to follow him to multiple divisions and companies.

An expert in start-up’s and short lead launches, Tor was brought into Mattel to launch the Harry Potter line. The challenge was to ship a line based on Book 1 – Sorcerer’s Stone in only 3 months. He led a cross-function team that included designers, engineers, package designers and product managers to deliver the product line on-time for the Christmas season at the top 4 retailers. The project complexity included managing the goals and design input from Warner Bros. and the author - JK Rowling. In addition, the marketing plans from Mattel, Warner Bros. and Scholastic all had to be coordinated for a worldwide launch. The Year 1 line delivered over $30 million in revenue while at retail for only 6 weeks. The line grew to over $100 million in Year 2 for and delivered a profitable margin and cume revenue of over $350 million worldwide. Tor was part of starting two new divisions during his time at Mattel. In addition, he has successfully built new Girls & Preschool divisions at Playmates Toys and Bandai America.

Tor is a senior brand management executive with consumer product experience. He has a strong record of developing and implementing innovative brand positioning strategies that spawned long term brand equity. Tor has a proven ability to manage product development/production processes from concept through finished product, with close attention to budgets, time frames, and quality and product specifications. He is a team builder that attracts talented people and motivates them to win strong results. The foundation of Tor’s skill set is supported by strong marketing, P&L; and management skills.

Tor began his career on a path having earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing from Plymouth State University, within the University of New Hampshire system. In addition, he earned a minor in Psychology to compliment his marketing degree and gain insight into consumer behavior. As part of his time at school, Tor also completed a second minor in English to insure his mastery of the written word. He is currently working on his MBA. Tor accepted his first marketing position at DMB&B-New; York Advertising where he gained extensive consumer packaged goods experience in the P&G; health care division managing well renowned brands such as Kid’s Crest and Pampers. He also had the opportunity to work at McCann-Erickson global campaigns for the Coca-Cola brand. Tor was recruited from New York to work at the largest toy company in the world – Mattel Toys and has been focused on youth marketing ever since. He has been part of award winning teams at Mattel, Leapfrog and Bandai that earned him two licensing industry LIMA’s, two toy industry TOYT’s and one Effie.



Lindsay Anvik

Specialties: marketing, business development, social media, market research

How Lindsay Anvik can help you:

One on one and group consultations to small business owners and retailers who are looking for help with marketing, social media and business development.

Lindsay Anvik is a fourth generation serial entrepreneur. Her company, See Endless, is a business development and marketing company with luxury real estate, fashion, beauty and high end film production clients. She’s also worked with high profile celebrities and CEOs in music and film, and in the digital space at several startups. She speaks all over the country to retailers and business owners on how to market their business on and offline, and how to develop new revenue streams.



Jocelyn Black


Gina Johnson Smith Walnut

Specialties: PR, Marketing, Grant Funding, Consulting, Developing Business & Marketing Strategies, Women's Issues, Current Events, Parenting, Entrepreneurship

What Gina Johnson Smith is offering:

Seminars, Workshops, SKYPE Consultation on the above topics.

How Gina Johnson Smith can help you:

REAL LIFE is waiting on YOU!

Gina Johnson Smith is a three-time author and popular speaker and entrepreneur. In her presentations, she shares her life journey with family, in the corporate world, as a parent, grandparent and entrepreneur with refreshing honesty and candor.

As a sought-after speaker, social commentary pundit, publicist, media expert, TV and radio guest, Gina shares the realities of her life as an entrepreneur, and life lessons she’s learned through corporate America, being a parent, grandparent and mentor with a warmth and sincerity that’s contagious. Her unique blend of energy, information and storytelling style will take hold of your audience and get them tuned in for what’s to come.

Gina is no stranger to facing her fears and overcoming self-limiting barriers. She was victorious over cancer, finished the Los Angeles Marathon six times and boldly founded SPMG Media, an International Media and PR business. Gina Johnson Smith passionately embodies the hope of knowing you can overcome any of life’s obstacles – You just have to believe you can, step forward and take action!


Jared Moshe Washington

Specialties: filmmaking - writing, directing & producing feature films and documentaries

What Jared Moshe is offering:

Writing, directing and producing advice and consultation from an award winning independent filmmaker

How Jared Moshe can help you:

From generating ideas and writing a screenplay to raising financing, putting together a cast and crew,shooting a feature film on a budget, and taking that film out on the festival circuit in search of distribution, the process of filmmaking can be daunting. But that's no reason to give it up. Whether you're a writer, director, or producer looking to make your film a reality or a person with the dream to break into the film industry, I can help you learn the skills you need to reach your goals.

Jared Moshé is a writer/director/producer with over 10 years experience in the film industry. Most recently he wrote and directed DEAD MAN’S BURDEN, an award winning western, which critics called, ""IMPRESSIVE. A remarkable widescreen western. A debut feature with impressive command of tone and style, reverberant with echoes of 'True Grit,' 'Unforgiven' and 'The Searchers.'" He produced SILVER TONGUES, nominated for a 2012 Independent Spirit Award, and CORMAN’S WORLD: EXPLOITS OF A HOLLYWOOD REBEL (2011 Festival de Cannes, 2011 Sundance Film Festival).

His previous credits include the Independent Spirit Award-nominated documentary KURT COBAIN ABOUT A SON (2006 Toronto Film Festival); DESTRICTED (2006 Sundance Film Festival, 2006 Cannes Critics Week); LOW AND BEHOLD (2007 Sundance Film Festival); and BEAUTIFUL LOSERS (2008 SXSW Film Festival, 2008 Locarno Film Festival).

In 2006, Moshé helped found Sidetrack Films, the financing and production company behind the Emmy-nominated documentary FAVELA RISING, where he managed $5 million dollars in film investments. While there he crafted innovative and successful distribution strategies with brands such as Nike, Diesel Watches, and Boost Mobile to release the company’s film theatrically in the United States.

Prior to that, Moshé was an executive at the Film Sales Company where he was closely involved in the domestic and international sale of over 75 films including MY ARCHITECT; KONTROLL; FAHRENHEIT 9/11; IMAGINE ME AND YOU, and Oscar-winner BORN INTO BROTHELS. He previously worked in development at Magnet Entertainment with Peter Saraf and Ed Saxon during the productions of THE TRUTH ABOUT CHARLIE and ADAPTATION.

His feature-length screenplay The Low Country was a Nichols Fellowship Quarter Finalist and selected to be part of the IFP Market.

Moshé has been a regular panelist and juror at such film festivals as the Toronto Film Festival, SXSW, The Starz Denver Film Festival, The Gen Art Film Festival, The Rio International Film Festival and Independent Film Week. He graduated magna cum laude from Amherst College.



Gregg Loy

How Gregg Loy can help you:

Core Catharsis is a new method for resolving any psychological pain. It focuses on bringing your feelings into your life, not just analyzing them.



Jen Tamulevich