Expert FAQ

How do I get paid?

In the accounting section of your dashboard you will see all transactions and money due. Once your account reaches a minimum of $100 you can request payment. We can pay you via paypal or old fashioned check.

Can I communicate with the people who have signed up for my class?

We are adding new features everyday! You will be able to download your roster of people who have signed up using our platform and you will be able to email them via your dashboard any changes – venue, time or date.

Can I cancel a class due to low enrollment and what is time limit for that?

We never recommend you cancel your class but move it to another date. We will be adding a minimum feature shortly to your dashboard and will notify potential enrollees of the chance of postponement.

What is my percentage of each service I offer?

You retain 70% of all monies generated from your listings.

Can I list my class somewhere else and if so do you still take a %?

You can list your class wherever you like – We only take a percentage if the transaction happens on our site.

My venue only holds 15 people what happens if more sign up?

If you reach your maximum the event will be closed. We always encourage you to have multiple dates!

I don’t have a venue, how can I find one?

You can view our venue page

I also teach classes in San Diego, can I offer classes there as well?

You can list classes is whatever city you live however we are only marketing initially to New York and Los Angeles. We encourage you to sign up to take calls from anywhere!

What does the draft feature do?

The Draft feature enables you to create your listing and save it for later. In case you are unsure of your venue or any other particulars. The listing will be saved under “All My Listings” for you to edit or modify.

Once I post my class, how can I find out how many people have signed up?

Everything is managed from your dashboard – always check the “Overview” tab first.

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