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Ninon de Vere De Rosa

Category: Showbiz & Media

Tags: Media Image

Your Media Image is based on who you are and features your presentation in the public eye, TV broadcasting, etc. Your Media Image Coaching package includes the following:

• Review and Recognize the invaluable dedication to your many hidden abilities and values.

• How to overcome self-esteem and peer pressure.

• Review how attitude and perseverance can win.

• How you Dress: When you walk into a room, who do people see?

• How you Look: The eye does not miss a trick; your hair, nails, and feet are all visible.
• Review of your Body Language: Who you are is represented in how you walk, sit and stand. The body tells it all - at all times.
• How to Activating your Voice: Your voice is heard and not seen.

• How to be Confidence: Confidence is seen and not heard; a silent moment can make or break a broadcast appearance.

• How to Dancing Down the Aisle: Shine in a world where many feel pressured to conform.

• You are The Image: How you present yourself and how presentation is perceived.

• Review Your Branding: The end product - you and your media image

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