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Welcome to The Learning Annex -- the premiere online marketplace for the exchange of knowledge. We have an impressive and diverse roster of experts in our leading multi-category online expert platform – an online platform built specifically for expert knowledge providers.

What can we do for you?

Learning Annex helps your expert business grow. Whether you’re new to teaching or consulting or an established pro, Learning Annex is the most effective way to attract new customers and foster long-term learning relationships. As an expert-preneur, you can leverage your knowledge of a topic by teaching, speaking, writing, consulting, coaching, training and more.

We also offer an extensive set of tools to set you up for success. We’ll show you how to choose a topic, market your expertise, set up your class, tutor, offer consulting services and sell products.

There’s more. The Learning Annex can also help you:

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Monetize your expertise

Learning Annex offers a variety of ways to share your knowledge and earn money:

And speaking of earning money, as an independent contractor, you’ll choose your own rate. You’ll take home 70% regardless of your offering – a class, in-person consultation or tutoring, phone service or video.

Leave the behind-the-scenes work to us

Your busy schedule doesn’t leave much time for administrative duties. We get it. Our advanced e-commerce platform and customer service team allow you to focus on sharing your knowledge. We offer features like credit card processing and a personalized dashboard. Funds can be automatically deposited into your bank account or we can mail you a check, if you prefer.

It’s all about the marketing

Without the right marketing tools, you probably won’t see many customers or profits. That’s where we come in. The Learning Annex is highly skilled at internet and traditional marketing. If someone is searching for an expert, they'll find Learning Annex and your services.

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