Going Manual, San Diego Photography Symposium

By: Rodney & Robin Deutschmann

Five-Hour, Interactive Photography Symposium


There is a reason the best photographers in the world continue to shoot in full manual control of their camera, despite the advancements of auto features. They know that the secret to true creativity and artistic freedom lies in manual control, of visualizing the fantastic and making it happen in their camera. Join the professional photography instructors of the San Diego In Focus Learning Center for a special five-hour Going Manual Symposium covering the classic genres of photography and learn to take control of your gear. Learn to visualize an image and discover how a manual approach can you save you time, money and frustration. Cut your post-processing dramatically, get your images in focus (all of them, all of the time), make better in-camera decisions and start designing memorable images instead of just taking regular pictures. The Going Manual, Digital Photography Symposium includes the following interactive lectures: Going Manual; Flash Photography Reborn; Artistic Macro & Close-Up Photography and In-Camera Black & White Photography. Bring your camera, your flash and extra batteries to this highly interactive, very manual event.

Category: Self Improvement

Sun, Nov 18, 2012 8:00AM - 3:00PM (PST)

Marina Village Conference Center 1936 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA 92109

Fee : $150.00 Enroll Now

Rod and Robin Deutschmann have been teaching people the art of manual photography for years. They are award-winning fine art photographers, celebrated authors (Just One Flash, Painting With a Lens, Off-Camera Flash, Flash Techniques for Macro and Close-Up Photography, Studio Lighting Unplugged, Multiple Flash Photography and the upcoming Just Available Light and Sticking the Flash) and founders of the San Diego In Focus Learning Center, an institution designed to foster the true art of photography. They have committed themselves to the arduous yet rewarding task of bringing creativity, expressionism and passion back to photography — one In Focus artist at at time. Their specialized courses and hands-on workshops continue to grow in popularity. With this workshop they hope to share their years of experience, unique insight and passion for the true art of manual photography with others.

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